Yamanaka-Ha Shindo-Ryu Jujutsu Syllabus: 1st Dan



1st KYU
Technical program from 1st Kyu to 1st Dan
Brown belt to Black Belt

Ikkyu to Shodan
Giri Requirements
Activities Participate in YKKF activities accumulating a minimum sum of 100 credits within 4 years of the date of examination (v.CEN 21.10.2015/p.odg.6)
Keiko Certified attendance at a Danshinsa Keiko , with the National Technical Director, within 12 months of the date of examination (v.CEN 20.07.2016/p.odg.20)
Location This exam can only take place during the YKKF International Symposium unless valid reason is presented to the National Technical Commission.
Teaching Minimum 40 hours of teaching assistance recorded within one year of the date of examination, marked and critiqued by a YKKF teacher
Students who do not comply with specified regulations will not be admitted to the examination.
Tachi Waza Standing Techniques 立技
Senryu Nage Hidden Dragon Throw 潜龍投
Harai Goshi Sweeping Hip 払腰
Mizu Guruma (Kaiten Nage) Water Wheel (aka Rotary Throw) 水車 (回転投)
Konoha Gaeshi Leaf of the Tree Reversal 木の葉返
Mukae Daoshi Ambushing Topple 迎倒
Karami Nage Entangled Throw 絡投
Sankyo Third Principle 三教
Futari Dori Two Person Art 二人踊
Idori Waza Seated Tecniques 居取技
Yoko Katate Osae Dori Side One Hand Pressing Art 横片手押手踊
Gyakudasuki Reverse Kimono Sleeve Cord 逆襷
Matsuba Dori Pine Needle Art 拇指踊
Sankyo Third Principle 三教
Karami Zume Entangled Lock 絡詰
Waki Kujiki Side Breaking 脇挫
Kime Waza Finishing Tecniques 極技
Nihon Dori Mute Gime Two Arm Seizure (using) No Hands Finish 二本捕無手極
Ashi Garami Mute Gime Entangled Legs (using) No Hands Finish 足搦無手極
Kataha Mute Gime Single Wing (using) No Hands Finish 片無手極
Shime Waza Strangulation Techniques 極技
Kataha Jime Single Wing Strangle 片絞
Hadaka Jime Naked Strangle 裸絞
Sankaku Ude Jime Triangular Arm Strangle 三角腕絞
Goshinjutsu Self Defence 護身術
Jiyu Randori Free Battle 自由乱取
Competitive Fight
Duo system: application of 12 techniques of Futari Kata
Technical battle against one or more opponents (armed or not)
Free demo of a maximum of 2 minutes.
Choreography, music, posture, control, following Budo concept.
Ukemi Waza Breakfalls (Receiving Body) Techniques 受身技
At the discretion of the Technical Commission
  • Basic knowledge of the history of Yamanaka-ha Shindo Ryu Jujutsu, martial arts and own Dojo.
  • Presentation of a thesis (min. 40 pages) on a subject regarding martial arts and approved by the Chief Instructor. 2 printed copies and in Word format.
  • Written and Theory Exam
  • Recite “Oath of a YKKF Black Belt”. (v.CEN 20.07.2016/p.odg.19)
For transition to a Dan rank you will need to consider 3 fundamental values to achieve the rank:

  • the value of morale and spirit
  • technical value
  • the value of real combat

The deficiency of one or more of these values could result in failure to achieve the Dan rank.

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