Welcome to YKKF International

Welcome to the new YKKF International website.

Our federation is over thirty years old and is represented in many countries around the world. Our goal is to unite those with a passion for the martial arts in order to preserve, protect and perpetuate the spirit of Budo. Built on respect, honour and fraternity, all schools within the YKKF work in harmony for their mutual advancement and the discovery of the meaning and ultimate purpose of Budo.

If you would like to contribute articles, photos or time to the website or have any suggestions please contact web@ykkf.com.

Key YKKF Representatives:

 Ron Yamanaka Shihan Ron Yamanaka Saiko Shihan
YKKF Founder
 Giovanni Di Meglio Shihan Giovanni Di Meglio Shihan
YKKF International & YKKF Italy
Barry Mitchell Shihan Barry Mitchell Shihan
YKKF UK & YKKF International
 Fred Horemans Shihan Fred Horemans Shihan
YKKF Belgium
 Jason Bilodeau Shihan Jason Bilodeau Shihan
YKKF Canada
 Jehangir Shroff Sensei Jehangir Shroff Sensei
YKKF India
 Gaetano Frongillo Sensei Gaetano Frongillo Sensei
YKKF Switzerland
Jitan Kundalia Sensei Jitan Kundalia Sensei
YKKF Europe