YKKF Referee Commission Ordinary Meeting

9 Jan 2019

Sport Planet


at Sport Planet Cervignano (Italy).

from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm

Only members of the Commission and people convened by the YKKF secretariat can join the meeting.

For any information please contact the YKKF Referee Secretariat.

– Approval of agenda.
– Monthly referees rankings update.
– Review of F.A.A.P. (Federation Agonistic Activity Program) of January, February and March.
– Appointment of the best Referee of the last year.
– YKKF Italy National Congress: appointment of the Referees representatives.
– Referee Committee members frequency control 2nd semester previus year.
– Update Referees economic contributions for new sporty year.
– Referee updating convocation at the annual calendar events.
– Any other business.