14th World Karate Championship for Clubs

“The World Karate Championship for Club”, was born in 2003 thanks to the will of our passed away Daniele Lazzarini and to GSB, monthly magazine “Samurai” (March 1976).
It soon became a multi-federal initiative whose spirit was to give to clubs/dojos in the national karate sector the opportunity to compare with foreign athletes without having transports costs. Above all, the ” The World Karate Championship for Club ” is an example of an openness to all forms of association, be federal, or sports bodies and so on.
Since the beginning this event recorded an average attendance of over 1,500 athletes of which over 1/3 coming from abroad.
The “Samurai” magazine is proposing again the competition that made glorious our “Pasqua del budo” with the 14th World Karate Championship in Tarvisio (28-29 April 2018) and the Eiji Ogasahara International Cup (1936/2011).
A “memorial” to the master/character, Ogasahara who with the “silver palm” by the French Ministry of Sport, has given a new dimension to the world of martial arts: “working together with humility and dedication”.
The great kermesse of karate arrives in Tarvisio, in province of Udine.